23:12 <%elly> I have been laughing uncontrollably
23:12 <%elly> I think it is liz's fault because she is so beautiful and I love her and the world is ablaze with light and the infinite glory of humanity


I'm lying in bed with the woman I love most in the world. I am so happy right now that words are really quite insufficient for containing the involved feelings; I feel like this and this and this and I really can't stop myself from laughing and smiling at how absurd it all is.

Now she is curled up next to me with her hand resting on my thigh and her head resting on my hip and I am so very in love.

It's nights like these when I can really, truly believe that it is everyone else.

Re: my having changed user IDs from my male name to my female name, thus invalidating some AFS credentials I had and making it impossible for me to get at some old files:

21:53 < sully> yeah, elly, what an asshole you are
21:54 < sully> working out your gender identity issues and having the courage to be who you actually are instead of what people assumed
21:54 < bblum> geez
21:54 < bblum> who *does* that
21:54 < sully> didn't you ever once think of the people who might be inconvenienced by your user id changing?

I love my friends :)

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