Aug. 22nd, 2010 01:00 pm
Life is so amazing right now.

I started work at Google (as I mentioned in my last entry); so far, it's been
going fantastically well. The work is placed almost entirely in the upper-right
quadrant of The
Flow chart
, since it's stuff in an area that I have a lot of practice in
(operating systems work) but still involves solving some new and interesting
problems. The work environment is fantastically trans-friendly and generally
accepting of my personal weirdness, and I really like all my team members. I'm
getting to the point where my social life is actually overscheduled, so I think
I'm going to have to duck out of the office MtG group.

I got class like a '57 Cadillac
And overdrive with a whole lotta boom in the back
You look like you can handle what's under my hood
You keep saying that you will; boy, I wish you would

I met a girl. A Girl, in fact. Maybe The Girl. I'm talking about Liz, one of my
primary partners, who has been teaching me how to cook and is generally a
wonderful human being, her threats to redecorate my apartment under the cover of
darkness or bondage notwithstanding. I've also been attending Mob meetings, which seems so
far like a great way to meet more interesting people; I met a person there who
gave me some useful advice about nutrition, which is important, because...

Since I last wrote, I've gone from being a vegetarian to being a vegan. This is
still proving quite difficult, and the error rate is much higher than when I was
vegetarian (it's a lot harder to ensure that something has no animal products at
all than just no meat). Still, I'm doing okay - I'm taking multivitamins, and
Liz is a marvelous vegan cook. She's been teaching me how to cook, which is a
useful confidence-builder.

Went out to dinner with my parents last night and invited them to Transcending Boundaries; Liz
and I are both going, so we thought we'd invite my parents as well, as they've
often asked for more information about transgender issues. We had a lovely time,
and I ended up going out for breakfast with Liz and her friend Nora this morning
as well.

There's a bookstore near my house which repeatedly takes my money in exchange
for books. I've gotten Zami:
A New Spelling Of My Name
, The
Well of Loneliness
, and Queer
Globalizations: Citizenship and the Afterlife of Colonialism
. These are all
really interesting and I wish I had more time to read them; I'm like 40 pages
into Zami and liking it a lot so far.


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