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I have a pet. I can't even really describe how this makes me feel, so I'm going to try fumbling around with words for a bit and see if anything coherent emerges.

People who are kink-aware might want to skip over the next bit

Liz and I, like many people, have a relationship that incorporates the giving and taking of power as an important component. In our relationship the transfer of power is somewhat overt - I am the dominant partner and Liz is the submissive partner (usually!) and this is the way we both enjoy it. Liz enjoys being... well, dominated, for want of a better term - having a partner that is more confident and powerful than she is. I enjoy being that partner. This isn't an (emotionally or physically) abusive relationship - the key difference is that we decided (with full knowledge and consent of both of us) that this was what we wanted, and Liz and I both always retain the power to drop that aspect of our relationship and talk as equal partners any time we like.

Start reading here, if you skipped

Recently, we... formalized that aspect of our relationship. The only useful analogy I can think of is of getting married; of intentionally creating a long-term commitment to a partner one cares deeply about. I gave Liz a collar (shown in the picture I linked to above); the collar marks her as my pet and property, and makes me her owner. I can't really think of how to describe how this makes me feel except to say that I love her very deeply and now I get to hold her and protect her in a much more profound way than I ever did before. There is something gut-wrenchingly powerful about waking up next to a sleeping person who relies on you to put order and structure and safety into her world, and seeing that she is wearing the symbol of that relationship on her neck as a way of honoring it.

I've been grinning like an idiot constantly since.

Other stuff happened recently; I'll write about it when I'm more coherent.

Date: 2010-11-26 03:05 am (UTC)

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Congratulations to both of you!

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